Jump around and send as many souls as you can to hell, before the lava gets you.

This is my first game jam. A simple 2D game for the Goosberry gamejam.

Controllers: Just hold click and drag, the character will jump on release.

Hope you like it   :D


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Nice game with a simple, but interesting idea. The jumping took some time to get used to, but it works well, especially once you learn the wall jumping. The green lava is weird, but then again I don't know where this game takes place.

If you're interested, you could enter this game into our annual Game Development World Championship!

I didn't like the lava too, Thanks ! I may redo the game, I will try to force introduce the player to the wall jumping ability, before they get further.

Thank you very much for your feedback. And what is that Game Dev World Championship ? ,  I don't think this game as it is right now, has any chance of winning anything, lol

It's a free contest where indie developers can enter their games that have been released this year. One part of it is a public vote, so there's always the chance to have new people find and play your game.

i really liked using the mouse for this game =), cool concept

Thanks ! I intended this game to be play on mobil, thats why you just use the mouse. Thank  you for the feedback :)